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Attorney involved in adoption was Michaelman. I was told he was disbared and jailed for illegal adoption practices.
Searching for bio-family!
I was born in April of 1980 in Port Jefferson. I have been told that my bio-mom's name was Dawn (Cavanaugh i beleive) and I had an older sister. Any information wil help.
Hello, my name is Lauri. I was reading through the posts and found you, I hope you do not mind my reply.
I was born in NY in the year of 1967. Stanley and Harvey Michelman handled my priv. adoption. I spoke to stanley in the late 80's when I started my search to find that I was actually their first case.
Reading the negative responses posted about the Michelman's, I wanted to add something possitive.
My adoption was handled with love and care.
There was nothing suspicious nor illegal per my case.
People make mistakes, we are just human. Like it says in the bible, those who are without sin may cast the first stone.
If you still speak to Stanley, please send him my regards and inform him that my dad, Lee Roth, has passed. I was adopted to a Leon and Barbara Roth in March, 1967, Born at Flower Fifth Ave. Hospital, NY. My B. Mom's name is Barbara Bryson.
I am sure he will remember us. My adoption was personal. My parents friends, Sofie and Henry Branweind (sp) where friends of the Michelman's too. And so, here I am.
Please feel free to contact me at:
I'm not sure what your point of responding to me was? To exonorate Stanley for all the bad he has done?, Don't bother and I'm not interested in your Friendship with such an ogre, Why would "I" have any contact with Stanley at this point in my life? And if you so feel inclined call him and say "HI" do so your self. I have no contact with the man nor do I want too You had a good life that's nice and your "Adoption" was handled well Good. But please don't quote the Bible to me I have never cast a stone nor was my tragedy one that was brought on by my own doing. But more like Greed from an attorney who couldn't get enough so he went into Black market baby sales , I have no more to say the whole Stanley thing disgusts me.
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I am one of his victims. I have researched him and I know a lot about him. I talked to a lady today and she said she would help all she could. Apparently she works in the law office where he use to work. Here is her phone number212-431=0431. Call and she will take your info. E mail me if you want to. Let's flood him with phone calls.
god bless you.
This is in a email cheryl received from a lady looking for her child. I hope this helps.
Ticklemefancy :rolleyes:
I have a # that was good last year. I will have to get it out of my desk drawer from work. I contacted him 3 times for information and all 3 times he was still sorting through all his files and can I call back in 2-3 weeks.
Thats I think what every one gets. this is the current address and phone number where Stanley Michelman works:
PHONE: (973) 376-8400
FAX: (973) 912-4466
Toll Free: 1-866-533-6600
M & B Funding, LLC
140 Mountain Ave ,
Suite # 301
Springfield , New Jersey , 07081 .
Good luck to all
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[font=Comic Sans MS]ticklemefancy, I have just read through this thread and wonder if anything became of cheryl and the adoptive family? did she meet her son? was the amom telling the truth? just wondering about it all.[/font]
I was born April 15 or 16,1981 in Bethpage Long Island. I was adopted when I was 3 days old. I weighed 5 pounds 11 oz when I was born. My non-identifying information from the State Adoption Registry of New York says that my biological mother was 35 years old when I was born, completed 1 year of college, and was not married. I have 2 biological siblings who I have never met, and I know how old they were when I was born. My adoption was a private adoption handled by Stanley Michelman. If you have more information or you are part of my biological family please respond.
I just wanted to let everyone know that I called Stanley Michelman at the number listed by ticklemefancy. I got right through and spoke to him. He was really super nice and very helpful and very understanding about my husband's need for information. I wanted to find out if he had possibly handled my husband's adoption in 1965. It turns out he was still in law school then but he helped me to clear up a few questions I had and also gave me some leads to check out. So, I really don't think he's the nasty person he's been portrayed as in this thread.
Also, I did a google search on him and couldn't find any mention of criminal charges against him so if it's true there's no records I could find.
I am a brithmother who gave brith in 1989 in WI. Michealman handled my case he was partnered with Goldhiem at the time. I have an number that I call every year to get my photos. The adoption was "legal" but I agree it was shady at best. I will look for the contact # I have. Maybe it will help someone else.
Mr. Michelman is a great man who took a few liberties to help families who were having trouble adopting publicly. He was not jailed, just disbarred. Even if I knew where he was, it is unethical of me to give that information out. I wish you the best with your search. I am doing the best I can without his help as well. Good luck!
I agree that he has helped many at the "end of there rope" but that does not mean that all he has done has been on the up and up. I do have a phone # for Goldhiem law office in New York they took some of Michelmans case when he left the bar. If this can help someone there is no ethical violation it is public information. The Number is 845-624-2727
Everyone experience is different mine did cross state lines and i have no paperwork to prove the adoption took place. Luckly I do know where my daughter is and the adoptive parents are very dilligant about keeping in touch. Not everyone is so lucky I think we should all be willing to help.:)
Mr. Michelman is a great man who took a few liberties to help families who were having trouble adopting publicly. He was not jailed, just disbarred. Even if I knew where he was, it is unethical of me to give that information out. I wish you the best with your search. I am doing the best I can without his help as well. Good luck!
Searching for bio sister. Born Kelly Marie, May 1986 in Alb, NM. Adoption took place in San Antonio (i think) TX. She went to a family in New York. Michaleman handled the adoption. Any information would be appreciated.
ISO: ANY birth family.
I was born & adopted from S.C. on Sept. 27th 1983, to a family in NYC (that used Stanley Michaelman as their attn.) I have not been able to get as little as medical records, & am not a mentally or physically healthy girl. My life has not been easy, all I’d like is to know Anything- even my nationality wasn’t “revealed.” I was told certain names & ages of my bio-parents & Other information… how accurate it is I do not know. If ANYONE can help me contact him, or has any idea How to find ANY relation, IT WOULD SAVE ME. PLEASE, just knowing someone Exists (I feel like an alien!)