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MY husband and I have adopted our little daughter from Pune - BSSK, she was 4 months then, and will be 2 this August. Would be very happy to share our joys of adoption and also welcome other to share their joys and experience of adoption with us. We presently live in Gulf - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. Also we are very interested in encouraging adoption esp from BSSK, I feel they are great and beautiful people as for our experience, though there are many more agencies like them in India. Please feel free to e-mail us.
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My husband and I are at the "research placement agency" phase right now and would welcome info on how long the waiting list was if any at?@bssk. We are really keen to learn as much about the system as possible.

Look forward to hearing from you

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BSSK adoption
Hi Vini,

I am getting ready to travel to BSSK to bring home my daughter and would be happy to give you any information that I can. I am going through Holt for the adoption. Feel free to email me privately if you
waiting at BSSA
Hello. I would be very interested to hear how long you waited for a child at BSSK. I am hoping to adopt from there too as I have visited them and they clearly look after the kids so well. Thanks.
From initial application to travel took me 14 months. It would probably have been quicker if I hadn't begun in another program first and switched. BSSK Bertha Verada is where my daughter was last. Bertha Verada was clean and tidy. The children were well cared for. The women caring for the children were wonderful people. Sorry to be so long in responding..getting used to the little one! Smile
Address of BSSK please
We are looking for adopting a child from Pune. Can you please advise us on address of a BSSK from Pune.
Hello Swati,

I believe it is 5 Koregaon Road. You might want to double check the address on the CARA website. BSSK stands for Bharatija Samaj Seva Kendra. Searching for that name on Yahoo will also give you some good information. I would highly recommend them. Hope to go back for a brother or sister for my daughter!

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Hello, I have been working as a volunteer in BSSK for six months. it is indeed a great place with wonderful people. I'm back home since july, but those children will always be in my hart. how is your daughter now? and where are you from??
What is BSSK and where is it? I am looking to adopt from Pune. Thanks. Glad to hear things are going so well for you.
I also want to adopt from Pune..
We have recently decided to go for adoption and are trying to get as much information as we can. I want a baby soon but people say there is a wait time of atleast a year to a year an a half. Is it tru??
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