If you were born at the Willows in Kansas City, or if you are a birth mom from the Willows, love to hear from you. Best regards. Ellen
I was born at the willows Jan 22 1968. I have very little information about my adoption, or my birth mother. I would love any information at all.
Hello Michael ---- good of you to write !!!! I sent you a private message also, and hope to hear from you. It is nice to meet others who have connections with the Willows Home. I had good luck by contacting the lady who assists adoptees at the courts. I included her phone and name in my private message. We have started a group at Smartgroups for those of the Willows, it is a private group and by invitation . We would love for you to join us there. Ellen
I was born at the Willows in 1952. I have had no success in finding any info. Do you have any suggestions?
Hey, all -
Yep, I'm still around these boards from time to time! Born @ the Willows summer of 1955.
My grandmother was born at The Willows Sanitorium in Kansas City, MO in December 1927 and adopted through the Evans Children's Home (also in K.C., MO). I understand all the records from The Willows were burned in the 1960's after it closed. My dad and I have done DNA tests to try to research where my grandmother's family might be but any suggestions to researching her birth records would be very helpful! Thank you, Amy
I was adopted from the Willows in September 1967. I have very little information and have recently begun to research my family history. I would love to hear from anyone who could offer assistance. Thanks in advance, Matt
I was born at The Willows August 30, 1961. I do have a birth mother name and had been in contact with her years ago, just for basically health information. She basically gave me limited information about siblings and health history, and no birth father information. At the time I was not necessarily in search of a reuinion and I am not certain that I am now, but my understanding at the time (1989) was that her other 3 children did not know about me. At this point, my birth mother would be getting up thrre in years (maybe 93) and may have since passed away, but I don't know. I guess I am just looking for basically as much information as can get.
If you were born at the Willows in Kansas City, or if you are a birth mom from the Willows, love to hear from you. Best regards. Ellen
Hello to all Willows alumni , I came across this forum looking up my mothers birth past.
Obviously others are looking also for records from the Willows.
My mother was born there in latter may of 1936 and was adopted in early June.
Undoubtedly a lot of the records there were destroyed but was hoping like others to come across anything to help with my mothers birth parents. Not sure where to start. The Jackson county adoptive link ask questions about birth parent names.
Obviously the birth parents are deceased but hoping for maybe health records or even a sibling. That would be awesome.
Would take any help I can find. Thank you all for having this forum.
My dad was born at The Willows on August 10, 1961. I have his mom's last name Ferris, where she's from, his feeding name in the nursery, and a couple other tidbits but would love to find more. If anything, for medical history, but would be great to know more about where I came from if they're open to it.
Has anyone had luck doing a 23and me test?
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My grandmother was a birth mother when she was 16 or 17 sometimes between 1949-1951 at the Willows. Grandma finally revealed sometime in the 90s about her daughter and we tried not to push her on information since it usually ended in tears. We don't have much information, obviously. According to grandma, she was able to hold the baby. Grandma named her Roxanne. When her parents came to pick her up, her father actually wanted to take both of them home. Her mother was not having that. Grandma went home, finished high school, met my grandfather. She had 7 more kids. Roxanne has a big family with 17 nieces and nephews and 8 great nieces and nephews that have spent the last 2 decades looking for her.
Hopefully someone can give us some info.