big families through adoption

I am a lucky mom who has been able to adopt (with my hubby, of course!) 6 times! I am wondering how other mothers keep up with the challenges of being "on the job" 24-7???? I absolutely love and adore my children, but am starting to wonder how other moms keep their smiles on and their chins up with everything there is to do to keep a family happy, healthy, and in school!!

Please write!

I dont have 6 children but I would love to
Wow 6 children adopted. That is great how were you able to adopt so many, I am trying to get baby # 2 and I would love to have a big family. I dont know if I am much help this is what I do to cope with my small family. I go to the temple alot and I try to go weekly. I notice a difference everyweek that I dont go, there is more contention in the home. I exercise almost every morning. Those mornings that i dont exercise, I feel so run down and need a nap. These two things give me the energy mental and physical enery to deal with my concerns. Good luck and congrats on such a large family, that is so awsome.
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