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Memories of an Angel

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Memories of an angel sent from God in heaven
A baby born so precious and so small
Born to a young mother, just a child herself
Who made the choice to sacrifice it all

She didn’t have any money, the Daddy was long gone
Knew she couldn’t raise a baby solely on her own
So she had to find another to do what she could not
Who could provide that child a safe and happy home

She held her Angel before they took her child away
Another couple waits to take that baby home today
Kissed her Angel, said goodbye, for she could not be weak
Searching for the strength to cope as the tears ran down her cheek

A story to be told, perhaps, a lesson to be learned
A choice that led to sacrifice, a lifetime of concern
Love is not supposed to hurt, although sometimes it may
But we still seem to make it through, we always find a way.

Choices that we have to make in life can break our hearts into.
When it comes to love we know whats right, we do what we have to do
It may not be easy but sometimes this is what we have to face
Will the pain diminish, or is it something even time will not erase?

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