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My Soul

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My soul is hungry
It is suffering of starvation
the starvation of love
I need to feed of it
for it is tired of hunger
I search and search
only not to find
I look everywhere
for you…
Where are you?
I need you
I miss you
I look, look , look and look
I need a hug
I need you nurture
Where are you?
I want to find you
but it seems so hard…
My heart is full of faith
that one day I will
see you and be able to feel
your love.
I want to fill this missing piece
that will only feel complete when i look into you eyes.
I love you…
I think of you almost everyday.
everything I do is for you…
everything I do is for me…
I need you here with me
come and unite your soul with mine
and let’s make it how it was supposed to be.
Mommy and my siblings…United in a happy family!
Love You
Esther from the Bronx

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