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Unrelenting Question

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My mind is void of thoughts
As the water beats against my skin,
When that unrelenting question
Intrudes upon me once again.

Into a reality of discontent
I’m propelled from my retreat,
Consumed with an emptiness
And feeling incomplete.

My hand reveals a reflection
As I wipe away the steam,
I’m standing face to face
With my solitary being.

As the mirror begins to mist
The image returns my stare,
It’s obscure as my birthright
My identity, I’m unaware.

As I contemplate my creation
I am forced to use my minds eye,
For I am known as Adopted
Forbidden to ask “Who am I?”

Searching for my roots
Is to some a mortal sin,
But I can’t help wondering
What my life would have been.

And that unrelenting question,
Intrudes upon me once again.

Written 04/22/02

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