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im looking for my birthson he was born in jackson michigan on 2/16/1971 at foote memorail hospital. heres a picture of him as a baby he's a young man ogf almost 39. i miss him so much i wished id never listen to my ex-husband he didnt want another mans responsiblity and he had me so belittled and abused i didnt want mikey going threw it. so when his biological father michael duane fletcher asked about the adoption i agreed i wished id never listen to my ex i should have left him then. i already had 2 kids and 1 on the way and this ex would not help me so i did the closed case adoption i regret everyday of my life but i was just looking out for him on having a better life then what i could give him. last i knew he went to the michigan's children's institute in calhoun county. this was told to me by a lady at the adoption services division she sent me a letter as im registered threw the agency there in lansing mi. i have serveral health issues some are copd lung disease all 3 stages as i almost died of double phenmonia in both lungs in 2004 for some reason god saved me i also suffer with restless leg syndrone. aniety i want to meet my son again its my last wish to find him before something happens again. if anyone out there might recognize the picture and the birthdate and place please contact me. my heart wont rest until i find my son michael. thank you for taking the time to read this.
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