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Aide from Texas



from Texas

Aide is the youngest of her siblings. Even though she is the youngest, she is very protective of her older siblings. Aide is energetic, outgoing and cheerful. She is always up for a good time and an adventure. She and her sister make the best of sidekicks. Aide enjoys going to school as she is very social and loves making new friends. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors playing at the park or participating in other outdoor activities. She also enjoys spending time indoors drawing, watching cartoons and playing with dolls. She also loves all kinds of animals as well as singing and dancing. She really loves playing dress up and getting to wear dress up shoes. She will never shy away from a chance to go out on a shopping spree. Aide enjoys eating her favorite foods which include chicken nuggets and fries. Aide likes to spend time with her siblings, Jocelyn and Hugo as family is very important to her.

Hugo, Jocelyn and Aide are a fun and dynamic trio. This sibling group is full of love and energy. Hugo is the oldest and very protective of his baby sisters. He enjoys spending time with them and visiting them whenever he has an opportunity. Jocelyn is best friends with her sister and loves doing everything with her. Aide is the youngest of the group and is sweet, loving, and fun. Aide loves her siblings and is looking forward to being able to be placed together in a forever home. They are all for fun times, and love going on pizza outings, going to the park, and enjoying the outdoors. Hugo, Jocelyn, and Aide have become each other biggest supporters and really rely on each other. The siblings are strongly primarily Spanish speaking.

Aide's forever family will be one who is energetic and adventurous. She will do well with a family who is able to keep up with her and her siblings. Aide will flourish in a two-parent household. She is open to a traditional family setting or same sex parents. Aide will thrive with a family who is experienced in fostering and working with children who have been in foster care.

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