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Aubrie from Texas



from Texas

Aubrie is a delightful girl with much to offer the right family. She is a true artist, whether it is just crafting, singing or dancing she is creative and artistic. She would love to be able to express her artistic vision and also have the ability to explore different mediums that she hasn't yet been able to try. She is a whirlwind of motion and joy on her bicycle as she makes the rounds in her neighborhood. As a fan of current cinema, She loves watching movies with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a cozy blanket on quiet evenings. She has a thirst for knowledge, mainly figuring out math problems or getting lost in far off worlds and adventures of literature. She is a kid at heart playing with her LOL Dolls but also loves make-up, shopping and going to the mall with her closest pals. She loves to serve others and would love to one day help the homeless. Right now, her biggest wish is to have a family of her own that would adopt her.

Aubrie would like a forever family who is ready to help her achieve her dreams and help her define those. Her forever family will be there to guide her through life and navigate all the trials and turns that she may experience. She is looking forward to evenings of putting together puzzles, doing arts and crafts, completing homework together or seeing her parents in the audience at her school events. She would benefit from having realistic, understanding and mature parents that would help her learn healthy boundaries and set a good example for her. She needs a loving family who will provide her with plenty of structure, love, supervision and nurturing. She will need time to trust and bond with the family. She will do best in a consistent, structured, and predictable environment, where she knows the expectations. A two parent house-hold would be beneficial. She would do best as the youngest or only child in the home.

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