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Darion from Texas



from Texas

Darion is a calm youth who can be shy and is quiet. He has become more outgoing and assertive in recent times. Darion loves playing sports. He participates in several different sports, including football and basketball. He also enjoys doing track and field events. In his free time, Darion enjoys hanging out with his peers and playing video games. He especially enjoys playing football related video games the most. He also likes attending church activities and participating in his youth group. Darion does well in school and uses his participation in athletics to motivate him to keep up his good grades. Participating in sports also helps with Darion's self-esteem. Darion enjoys being outdoors and likes going fishing and riding bikes. Darion would be a positive addition to a loving family.

Darion would do well in a home with two parents who have experience with teenagers. His forever family will provide him with encouragement and reassurance. His family will also be supportive of him being involved in several activities.

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