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Daylon from Texas



from Texas

Daylon is a sweet and loving youth who loves receiving attention and enjoys being helpful. He likes to play basketball, video games, listen to music, and play outside. Daylon can be shy, but once he is comfortable he is easy-going and turns into a social butterfly. He is strong minded and determined. Like many children his age, Daylon benefits from patience and longs to know he is cared about. Daylon is a very active child who will try to do multiple task at once, especially at school. He has taken to practicing yoga to help him find calmness. Daylon is friendly and outgoing; especially when he feels he is part of the family. He would like to be a praise dancer in the future. Daylon is a ready to find his forever home!

Daylon needs a nurturing environment that will enable and support him in learning new skills to help him succeed. When provided a structured and nurturing family, he will thrive and grow. His family should be proactive with Daylon's school and advocate for his educational needs. Daylon enjoys the outdoors and will benefit from a family who encourages more physical play. His forever family will be active and outgoing in their community.

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