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Gilbert from Texas



from Texas

Gilbert is a high energy youth who loves adventure. He is bold, excitable, and curious. He enjoys playing football and his favorite college team is the Texas Longhorns. However, he also enjoys watching movies and playing with his remote control car. Gilbert is also polite, respectful, and courteous. He exhibits great loyalty and wishes to be adopted by a loving family. At times, he can become distracted, so it is helpful if he is provided with guidance and support to help direct him back to tasks and projects. If he becomes overwhelmed, he is easily redirected. He also receives supportive services to help him learn appropriate ways to express his actions when he becomes overwhelmed.

Gilbert will do best with a family who is committed and determined to help him grow in a warm, loving, nurturing environment. Gilbert needs a patient family who will give him time to adjust as he transitions to his new home. His new family will need to devote individual attention to him and dedicate time to ensuring all of his needs are met. The ideal family may be a two-parent household, male and female.

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