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J'mauri from Texas



from Texas

J'Mauri is really into sports and fashion. He loves the latest trends and newest apparel. J'Mauri likes to express himself through his clothing and accessories like shoes, hats and jewelry. J'Mauri loves to play basketball and uses this to cope with situations. He loves listening to music and drawing to express his emotions. J'Mauri would benefit from having an older role model in his life wo help him understand how to navigate hard situations in a positive way. J'Mauri likes to eat and prefers healthy food. He likes to help prepare meals and learn about culinary creations. J'Mauri does well with positive reinforcements and positive feedback. He gets along well with peers who respect his space and are respectful of boundaries. J'Mauri voices his needs and is able to verbalize his emotions. J'Mauri likes to stay busy whether that is outside playing basketball, playing video games or going on wilderness adventures (hiking, biking, fishing, etc).

J'Mauri would do well in a home that is structured and has clear schedules to maintain. J'Mauri would do well in a home where there is a strong male figure who can support and guide him. This male figure could be an older teen, father figure or frequent visitor/support. J'Mauri prefers to live in the Austin or Houston, TX area.

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