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Makeila from Texas



from Texas

Makeila is a nice and funny girl. She may be shy at first but will be very talkative once she gets to know you. Makeila loves to go outside and play. She likes to get her nails done, she enjoys going shopping, getting her hair done and would describe herself as a girly girl. Makeila has participated in a cheer squad in the past and would like to continue participating in cheer and/or dance teams in the future. Makeila also likes to go swimming, she enjoys listening to music, painting and likes to listen to music on her down time. Makeila speaks both Spanish and English. Makeila is very bonded to her 2 older brothers and her twin. She loves to chat on the phone with family and friends on a very regular basis.

Makeila is open to being adopted by single or two parent homes. Makeila is also open to families that do or don't have other children in the home. Makeila states she'd like a family that likes to be active and complete activities outside of the home but is also okay with staying in on some nights.

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