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Naeshawn from Texas



from Texas

Naeshawn's interests lie in playing video games, basketball, swimming, and many outdoor activities. He loves to read and learn new things in school. He enjoys playing with other children his age and likes animals. He loves to smile. Naeshawn may appear as timid at first; however, once trust is established between him and the other person, he can be talkative and easy to communicate with. He enjoys spending time with his current foster siblings in his foster home, attending school, and learning new things. Naeshawn enjoys watching his favorite television shows, which are Mickey Mouse and Kids Craft. Naeshawn also likes Yoda, Marvel characters, and race cars. He has expressed that he likes to draw, do arts and crafts, ride bikes, fish, camp, read, and shop.

Naeshawn would be best suited with a family that has some of the same cultural values he has, including having dinner together, playing games, going places together, and going to church. He is hoping to be adopted into a family with siblings. Naeshawn will be best served with a family that will provide a loving, nurturing, and structured environment.

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