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Rosalina from Texas



from Texas

Rosalina is a very outgoing and friendly child. Everyone around her tends fall in love with her as she always has a big smile on her face. Her loving personality attracts people to her. Nothing phases Rosalina as she can always make something good out of the bad. She enjoys making other happy and easily makes friends at school. Even though she is the youngest sibling, Rosalina likes to boss her older siblings around. She tends to be either very engaged with her siblings' activities or she is spending time alone in another room entertaining herself. Rosalina enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities. When spending time outside, she likes playing with the family dogs or swinging with other. When spending time inside, she enjoys playing with playdough, cooking, playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, and making jewelry from rubber bands. Her favorite color is pink.

Aspen, Hailey, Maria and Rosalina are a very loving and outgoing sibling group. They are a very active group of girls, and each has their own way of having fun and making you laugh. Their personalities range from being quiet and reserved, to loud and vocal. Aspen is the eldest sister. Hailey and Maria are the middle sisters, and they are attached at the hip. These two sisters enjoying doing a variety of activities together and often one will want to do what the other is doing. While Rosalina is the youngest sibling, she is also the boss of the sibling group and is the most independent of them all. All the girls are respectful of others. This sibling group has many interests, and they look forward to being able to engage in different activities after school.

Rosalina's forever family will be one that can provide a thriving, loving, nurturing and stress-free environment with consistent rules and boundaries. Rosalina desires a two-parent household with a mom and a dad that will play with her. She wants to be adopted with her siblings and has dreams of living on a farm where she can have lots of animals including a horse and chickens. If space allows, Rosalina also desires to have her own room. Rosalina's family will actively engage with her in her activities whether its playing with playdough or swinging with her on a swing outside. Her family will be active, creative and engaged in her activities both in the community and in school. Her family will benefit from having Trauma Informed training.

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