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Hailey from Texas



from Texas

Hailey is very outgoing and vocal child who easily makes friends. She will let you know what she like or dislikes. When spending time outdoors, Hailey enjoys running around playing with the family dog or swinging on a large swing with her family members. However, she typically prefers engaging in indoors activities inside the home. Hailey is very creative, and she loves to paint, craft and make jewelry. Hailey is thoughtful and enjoys making wrist bands from rubber bands to give to her friends. She also enjoys watching Disney movies, Dory and Star Wars. Her favorite Star Wars character is Baby Yoda. Hailey has a love for goulash, pizza, and chicken with macaroni. Her favorite sports are basketball and soccer. Hailey and her sister, Maria, are very close and do a lot of activities together. Hailey is very conscious about her grades in school or missing too much school for her necessary appointments.

Aspen, Hailey, Maria and Rosalina are a very loving and outgoing sibling group. They are a very active group of girls, and each has their own way of having fun and making you laugh. Their personalities range from being quiet and reserved, to loud and vocal. Aspen is the eldest sister. Hailey and Maria are the middle sisters, and they are attached at the hip. These two sisters enjoying doing a variety of activities together and often one will want to do what the other is doing. While Rosalina is the youngest sibling, she is also the boss of the sibling group and is the most independent of them all. All the girls are respectful of others. This sibling group has many interests, and they look forward to being able to engage in different activities after school.

Hailey's forever family will be one that provides endless love and attention. Hailey desires a two-parent home that will adopt both her and her sisters together. If space allows, Hailey prefers to have her own room. Her family will need to be active within the community as Hailey would like to participate in activities outside of the home with her family. Her family would benefit from being trained in Trauma Informed parenting.

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