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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is a friendly and open child. He is definitely a morning person! Thomas almost always has a positive attitude. He forgives easily and has no time to hold grudges. Thomas is talkative and loves to receive attention, he craves attention from adults and other children. He loves sports and he very good at football. Thomas hopes to be a famous player some day and play on a professional team. His favorite team is the Patriots, and he likes to talk football teams. He is eager to make more friends. Thomas is a very creative child and is working on using his creativity in positive outlets.

Thomas wants his own family. He is looking for a place of acceptance and support where he can feel comfortable being himself. His family will provide him with the ability to progress with the sport he loves, football. He will benefit from an active family who will take him places where he can try out new things. Thomas needs a family who can show him ways to build connections with others which are positive and set boundaries. He needs a family who will set expectations for him and help him learn positive ways to build friendships and relationships.

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