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Tracey from Texas



from Texas

Tracey always has a bright smile on her face whether there is sunshine or rain. She is a unique child who will tell you in her own way exactly what she needs and wants. Tracey loves the color purple and pink. She enjoys playing board games with others. You will often find Tracey coloring and painting. She enjoys playing on her tablet and likes to listen to music and watch videos. Tracey loves to be with others, especially when they are willing to blow bubbles with her and challenge each other to who can blow the biggest bubble. She loves playing outdoors but is also comfortable indoors with her stuffed toy bunnies. Tracey enjoys eating at McDonald's, which is her favorite place. Her favorite foods are hamburgers, tacos and candy, of course.

Tracey's forever family will be one that will give her love, attention and meet her needs. Her family will understand her needs and provide structure, guidance and be able to redirect her when needed. Tracey would like a two-parent home with maybe one older child in the home. Tracey has a deep love for her grandfather and wants to continue their relationship.

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