Help Save International Adoption by Signing this White House Petition

December 21, 2016 · by
The questions on this quiz are taken from this article by Tom Andriola:
1. True or False: Regardless of the reason, adoptees have a right to search for their birth families
2. True or False: An adoptee searching for their birth family is a slap in the face and betrayal of their adoptive family
3. True or False: An adoptee who has a good relationship with their adoptive family will not want to search for their birth family
4. True or False: Sheer curiosity is NOT a good reason to search for a birth family
5. True or False: Many adoptees that don’t know where they come from can feel lost on their journey of life.
6. True or False: All adoptees know their biological health history, so searching for medical answers is NOT a valid reason to search for a birth family
7. True or False: Even in healthy, loving adoptive families, sometimes an adoptee is missing an emotional connection or bond that can be healed by connecting with their birth family
8. True or False: Knowing family history can help fill a void for adoptees