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Can You Guess the Correct Adoption Terminology?
1. An adoptee's biological parents are known as his/her:
2. Which is the more appropriate phrasing for a failed adoption?
3. When a person who is adopted decides to learn more about his/her biological roots, he/she will
4. When referencing the choice a birth mother made for her baby, it's best to say that she:
5. A couple who is struggling with infertility:
6. A woman who is pregnant and considering adoption is called a(n):
7. Which of the following phrases is most appropriate?
8. A person who is adopted should be referred to as his/her parents'
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Angry Adoptee
"Correct" by whose definition? I know the answers that YOU want to see, but they're not the answers *I* would choose.
Angry Adoptee
LOL -- see? What I (an adoptee) see as the correct answers don't match your desired answers. Oh, well. No one cares what adoptees think, anyway.