Conduct Disorder

Conduct Disorder: A behavioral condition involving a pattern of repetitive and persistent conduct that infringes on the basic rights of others or does not conform to established societal norms or rules that are appropriate for a child of that age. A child or teen with conduct disorder may display aggressive or even cruel behavior toward other people, which can include bullying or threatening others; initiating fights; using weapons that could cause serious harm and forcing others into undesired sexual contact or activities. Individuals affected with the disorder may also engage in non-aggressive behaviors that can include a loss or damage to property, deceitfulness, theft, lying, breaking promises and irresponsibility with debts and other legal obligations. Children and teens that are affected with this disorder have been found to persistently engage in serious violations of rules that lead to confrontations at home, at school and/or in the workplace. Conduct disorder has been known to lead to the development of other anti-social disorders during adulthood.