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Hercules is a based off the mythological Greek god, by the same name. The story of Hercules can be found in book form, often included with other mythology books. Disney created a film in 1997 for children and adults about this hero.

IMDb: 7.2 out of 10

Categories: Kids, Young Adult

Ages: 5-up


Hercules was found and adopted by his parents. As he’s growing up he notices he’s different due to godly strength. When he is a teenager his parents tell him how they found him and the medal that was with him. Hercules goes on a journey to Zeus’ statue to talk to the head god of Olympus. He finds out that he is Zeus’ son but in order to return to him on Mount Olympus he must prove himself as a true hero. Hercules works to become a hero, saving the people of Thebes from a Hydra monster, set upon him by Hades, Zeus’ jealous brother of the underworld. He continues to fight monsters from Hades, building up his reputation to become a hero.


This film is fun for the family with humor and music to dance and sing to. Hercules is a great film to help others who may not understand their path in life or where they come from. It teaches children how to become more than a hero but a person who cares about others and works hard.

Kids Section


There are many activities a family or parent and child can do together with this film. Here are some suggestions:

Learn to do a sport together, like gymnastics or swimming, like Hercules.

Visit your local library to read about Greek mythology.

Dress up as Greek heros and do a play.

Find who your favorite Greek god or goddess is and try to learn one of their specialties. Such as Demeter the goddess of harvest and plant a garden.


Hercules struggles with understanding who he is and where he comes from. Some great lessons can be taught after watching this film with your child(ren). Here are some possible questions you can address:

How did Hercules overcome obstacles?

What are you having a hard time understanding right now?

Why is jealousy a bad thing?

How can you help your friends if they get hurt?


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