Ten Pregnancy Myths

Is That Really True?

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy, some of them potentially more believable that others.

The Heartburn Myth: If you get lots of headaches during your pregnancy your baby will have lots of hair when s/he is born. False.


The Umbilical Cord Myth: If you move too much or lift your hands too high in the air the baby will choke or get tangled in the umbilical cord. False.

The Curse Myth: People that deny you a food you crave will get a sty in their eye. False, although maybe some of you may wish that were true...

The Heart Rate Myth: If the baby’s heart rate is slow, it is a boy, if it is fast, it is a girl. False.

The Ugly Stick Myth: If you see something ugly or horrible, the baby will be ugly. Definitely false.

The Java Myth: If you drink too much coffee or had unfulfilled cravings, the baby will be born with light brown birthmarks. False.

The Spicy Food Myth: If you eat really spicy food, it will induce labor. False.

The Great Sex Myth: Great sex will bring on labor. False.

The Round Face Myth: If you gain weight in your cheeks, you’ll have a girl. If you gain weight in your bottom, you’ll have a boy. False.

The Full Moon Myth: More women go into labor during the full moon. False.

The Belly Shape Myth: If your belly is round, it’s a girl. If it’s more bullet shaped, it’s a boy. False.

The Ultrasound Tells All Myth: The ultrasound can always tell the baby’s sex. False.

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