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Kazakh shepard with his dogs and horse.

Because Kazakhstan is party to the Hague Adoption Convention, children from Kazakhstan must meet the requirements of the Convention in order to be eligible for adoption. For example, the adoption may take place only if the competent authorities of Kazakhstan have determined that placement of the child within Kazakhstan has been given due consideration and that an intercountry adoption is in the child's best interests. In addition to Kazakhstan's requirements, a child must meet the definition of Convention adoptee to be eligible for an immigrant visa that will allow you to bring him or her to the United States.


Relinquishment: The child can be adopted if his or her biological parents are unknown, have died, relinquished their parental rights, agreed to adoption, had their parental rights taken away, or have been recognized by the court as legally incapable of caring for the child.

Age of Adoptive Child: The child must consent to adoption if he or she is 10 years old or older.

Sibling Adoptions: Prospective adoptive parents are permitted to adopt more than one child; either siblings or unrelated children.

Special Needs or Medical Conditions: Many of the orphans eligible for intercountry adoption in Kazakhstan will have special needs.

Waiting Period or Foster Care: Information not currently available.

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