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Birth Mother Stories / Article 

5 Ways Pregnancy is Different After Placing

While both of my pregnancies were beautiful, both were hard, and both were worth it.


Birth Parents in Closed Adoptions Support  

Need Birth Mother Advice?

(Sorry if the term birth mother offends's just the term I'm used to! I know some people hate ... more
by cb221b / 19 hours ago
Reunion Registry 

Martha Luttrull

I'm a birth mother searching for an adopted child.

Birth Family / News 

Family to Family Organization Blesses Homes

Joining children and parents since 2001.


Birth Parents in Open Adoption  

Open Adopitn Survey

Sharing this as it would be very nice to have real numbers depicting many birth parents point of view in... more
by FauxClaud / 4 months ago
Reunion Registry 

Jason Alexander

I'm a birth father searching for an adopted child.

Birth Family / Article 

Weathering Negativity

The world of a birth mother after placement.


Birth Parents Awaiting Their First Contact  

Birth mom, knows who adopted son is, scared to contact

Hi... The son I put up for adoption is now 18 years old. I had a letter prepared to send him, and I ... more
by Leah_Merriman_1411421995 / 4 months ago
Reunion Registry 

Janet Sousa

I'm an adoptee searching for a birth family member.

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