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Birth Mother’s Innocence

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I gave them life.
I gave them love.
May they forgive me for giving them up.
Adoption is not a bad word.
But still this birth mother’s cries go unheard.
They fall upon deaf ears,
Even after all these years.
Every night as I cry these tears, watching my hope slip away.
Fading my life to once I gave to a child I hardly got to know.
Only for the nine months, I carried him in my soul.
Hoping the best things in life would come our way.
Only to learn things in life are just not that way.
It’s hard on us mothers that want to stay sane.
Morals Values Innocents, are all in Vain.
Life is hard and is not free.
“You must work for it,” the Lord said unto me.
I loose hope more every day with this so called government that we have made.
Thy Lord said unto me,” You can only trust and count upon me.
So don’t give up hope because, I will deliver your children unto thee.
When! you prove to your children your innocence as you have unto me.
They will forgive you and trust in you as you do me.
I love you, my daughter, thou hast always believed in me.

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