Hey, i am Alicia and i am 24 years old. I am a nursing mother of a 4 month old baby girl, looking for a parent or parents to Adopt her. Please reach out if any interests . (
Hi Alicia, if you're wanting to look for a family for your baby, you can reach out to families on Parent Profiles: You may want to reach out to a social worker to help you through this difficult process:
Annaleece Merrill
Definitely check out the links Crystal mentioned. I would also check out the groups section, particularly the groups for birth parents and people considering placement to find some support as well.
Hello Alicia, my husband and I will be willing to talk to you about adopting your babygirl :) please reach out to me
Hi Alicia, Just wanted to make sure that you seek out professional counseling before making a decision of this magnitude. If you can't afford counseling, many centers provide services on a sliding scale or provide a percentage of their work pro bono. It can't hurt to call and ask. Hugs to you.