Hi, on the 13th September 2016, My children were put into care by myself voluntary (section 20)
I done this due to being in an abusive relationship, my husband physically and emotionally abused me and my children.
I had to ensure they were safe so I made the call, now there adopted ! I couldn't get them back due to mental health issues, financial issues and housing. I honestly don't no how to cope it's really starting to eat me up recently I feel all alone and sad the majority of the time.
Please if anyone is in this situation I need to talk to someone
thanks for reading
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It's my sons birthday next week he will be 7 and it's the first birthday without him
Bethany Reed
: : I can only imagine what you are going through. You made the best and most difficult decision on behalf of the well being of your children. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I would imagine taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. will be the greatest first step towards...
It feels like being stabbed in the heart continuously, and I don't no how to grieve I feel lost without them it seems to be hitting me more now than it has since they were taken. I guess maybe because its my sons 7th birthday soon and i cant be with him, then a week later my daughter will be 5 i di...
Bethany Reed
: : Jackie, it makes total sense that this would be the time it would hit you the most. I can only imagine how painful this is. I fully believe that your kids knowing just how much you love them and that you made this decision for them creates an unbelievably powerful connection for them and you! I ...
Evening Bethany, again thank you for your kind words, I don't have a counsellor as yet but I took your advice and emailed one earlier today. I try to write a diary but I struggle it annoys me if I'm honest I have so much to let out I feel I don't no where to start. I haven't read any books to do wit...
Hi Jackie, I'm a birth mom too. I feel your pain. My situation was a little different but I imagine the grief is similar. It's my birth daughter's second birthday in a few weeks, and I feel that grief like a brick in the face some days. Im glad you found this forum, it's a great place to find suppor...
Thanks for replying to my blog Annaleece , I am interested in the online groups if you could kindly send me the details.
Bethany Reed
: : Hi Jackie. That's awesome that you are trying to connect with a counselor. I think it might really help. That being said, these books aren't specifically about just grief of letting go of children ... but I think they might have some relevant themes perhaps to some of the things you have been th...
Annaleece Merrill
Jackie, check out Birth Moms Today on facebook. They have a public page and also a private group. They are one of the better ones out there.
I am a soon to be birth mom and I am wanting to connect with other birth mothers if anyone wants to reach out to me please email me at palmercrystal65@gmail.com and i can give you my phone number... I really need support and I am going to counesling but would like to talk with other mothers who gave...