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A child was lost along the way, we once were close now far away.
Time stands still, or so it seems, as I wait to fulfill these dreams.
Floating adrift detached from roots, of life’s sweet truths I’m in pursuit.
Dreaminf of the day I’ll see when my love can be set free.
I’ll be released, unfettered to show these feelings that only continue to grow.
Oh mother do you think of me? Were the ties dissolved? Are you glad you’re free?
To carry on and leave me here? Is there no bond, no feeling there?
I can’t believe you need me not, or my existence you forgot.
Voices of the past still say and echo in my head today.
Connections made between two hearts, can never die nor be torn apart.
Did a simple signature sign me away? Did it erase the memories from today?
Are there feelings left from long ago? Is there any love deep in your soul?
For me to have I’d surely take whatever gift you have to place.
Into my life, into my heart where you have always been a part.
I wait for the time that I will know when these two halves will be a whole.

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