domestic infant Hispanic adoptions
My husband and I are looking to find an agency that has a domestic Hispanic infant program. Does anyone know of one? Please PM me.


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Hispanic programs
I would just like the names of agencies in TX. We are in VA and we would just like to know what options are there. If someone has more info, please email me privately at

Thank you
I would also be interested in this information, as we are looking into a domestic adoption of a Hispanic child.

Hispanic Infant Adoption
I too, am looking to adopt a hispanic infant. I am located in Florida. If any one can recommend an agency, it would be greatly appreciated. You can PM or email me at Thanks!

I am not sure I offered you the info I have for my agency. If I did I apologize for repeating myself. If I didn't PM me and I will send you the info


I would also be interested in knowing of any domestic agencies that deal with adoptions of hispanic children. I live in Indiana. Please PM me, or email me at


me too
I would also be interested in this information, as we are looking into a domestic adoption of a Hispanic child.

I am also interested in this information. We live in Texas are just starting to look for information on adoption. We are a multi-cultural family and would like a hispanic or bi/multi-racial (hispanic/aa/cc, whatever!!) child.
my email is

Thanks in advance!
me too
I would also be interested in this information, as my husband and I live in Houston and are looking to adopt a cc/hispanic or hispanic domestic newborn. If you could PM me with the information that would be SO helpful!!!
I also am interested. DH is Hispanic & I am CC & we have 2 Biological sons, so we are very interested in adopting a Hispanic girl.
Please PM me, thanks

We're in Houston and interested in hispanic, cc, or hispanic/cc domestic babies. Right now I'm trying to gather as much info as possible: agency info, good things to know, affordable agencies, agencies or attorneys to avoid, etc. Please forward me any info or PM me.

I appreciate any information you can share!
hispanic newborn

I too am looking to adopt a hispanic newborn. i am in california but interested in any agency that specialise in hispanic newborns.
please PM me with any angency you know of.
Eager to know
We reside in San Antonio and are eager to have any information regarding adopting a hispanic new born child. We are just starting out looking into doemstic adoption and any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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