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I am very interested, my father does not have his birth-family name, but had a VERY distinctive facial birthmark. now allows you to post a shareable link to your tree, please do so. And who's dna does it include?
What do you mean by "still running the scam" and by "nobody know anything of the real story" when the public story is already that it was more widespread than we can properly account. I sincerely hope you are not peddling false hope.
I CAN HELP ALL OF YOU. I just figured out the coding to figuring out the names of the babies, im figureing them out. no one will help me I started a tree on ancestry. Im Lois Brown and Allison Manning. The tree is The truth will set us free GEORGIA TANN, dna included!!!
the family is still running the scam!!! she was my clients ggrma and nobody know anything of the real story!! theres thousands more!!! I know how to figure it out. ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME