Private adoptions in ILLINOIS
Are you a birth mom or an adoptee whose adoption occured in ILLINOIS?
I am a birth mom looking for my son. He was born on 12/10/1973 in Dalton, Illinois. His birth name was Jason Roger Ervin. If anyone knows anything or has any suggestions for me I will be forever in your debt!
5/1/1971-Moline Public Hospital, Moline, Il.
I'm a adoptee looking for birth mom/family. It was a private adoption. Please contact me if any of this sounds
I am 23 years old. was born july 6th 1984. i found my birth mom her name is cindy stephenson, might of been williamsom back then. i am looking for either a michael cane, or a bi racial man by the name of vern who i believ use to work at rockford ford back then. i am in rockford illinois. if anyone has any information or could help me. please contact me at thank you!
ISO birth brother born 1959
My brother was born in 1959 and adopted in Illinois. I am told he was born late June or early July.
daughter iso BM-DOB 10/23/74 Oak Lawn, IL
I was born October 23, 1974. It was a private adoption with a lawyer named Alan Neideman(sp?). I was born in Oak Lawn, Illinois at Christ Memorial/Community Hospital. My birth parents' last name is Leavitt. I think the hospital is now Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, IL. I am told my Birth Father was Polish, and Birth Mother (a young teen), was Irish/German/Dutch?
I am 33 and married 1 year ago. I have always been curious and would love to connect in some way..even if it is to get family medical history with no other questions asked, if preferred. I am open to any type of relationship. I heard my maternal grandmother had breast cancer..I would like to know more. I hope we can connect in some has been 33 years. I am very happy, adjusted, successful, and ask for very little. Anonymity can be accommodated.
my sister's adoption was private in Illinois. She is 27 years old. Can you help?
Private Illinois Adoption
I was born 02/25/1962 in Hinsdale, Illinois at Hinsdale Sanitaorium. It was a private adoption and I was told that there was a fire and there are no records. I know who delivered me but get no help from that. I need some input as to where to start and what to do.
Looking for a sister
I have a sister out there that was Born in the Chicago land area, I am guessing she would be somewhere between 35-42. I believe the adoption agency my mother used was The Cradle. My mothers last name was Talbott, possibly bloom at the time. There is alot of family traits I am sure that couldnt be denied if you were a family member of ours. I know you would have been my mothers first child and I believe she was 16 when she had you. You would have a brother and sister, I am 24 yrs old and my brother is 33yrs old. Some where out there we know you are and are interested in meeting you. :cheer:
I was born 7/28/1975 in Palos Heights Community Hospital. I know my Birth mother's name was Patricia Becker at that time. I would love to just say hello and to thank you for making the right decision.
I was born on November 27, 1974. I was adopted through Lutheran Child and Family Services. I was born in St. Elizabeth's in Belleville Illinois. My biological mother was 18 at the time of birth and father was 20. My biological mother had major second thoughts about putting my up for adoption. My biological mother also had another baby girl she put up for adoption in 75 or 76. She was adopted to a family in the Waterloo Illinois area. I have registered with the Illinois adoption registry but no one else has registered. Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.
I am a female, adopted in Illinois. It was a private adoption, and from what I can tell it was very very private. I know pretty much next to nothing about my birth family. I know that I was born june 6, 1983 somewhere in the greater Chicagoland area. I've been told I was born at central dupage hospital. If anyone can assist me in further figuring out my story, I would greatly appreciate any advice I could get. My e-mail is
In Aug of 1989 I made the hardest choice of my life. I have prayed that I would some day look into my first borns eyes and see I made the correct choice.My daughter is now 19 and I would like to know she is doing well. She was born in Oak Lawn,Il at Christ hospitial. I hand picked her parents for her. When we met face to face Bob and Vikki promised a great life for whom they would name Courtney. I cherish the photos they sent me when she was a baby. I belive they live {or lived in Homewood or their abouts}
Though I was told they were quite the travelers so they could be anywhere now.

I'm sending out a plea....if anyone knows where this family is ...please let them know I pray for them. I long to see my daughter. A friendship would be what I seek. After all I gave them the greatest gift and I mean no harm.

How ever if no meeting is wanted at this time or any other my heart will remain broken and torn. I would like to pass on to Courtney and her parents the fact that she has a sister Olivia who was born in 1992 and a brother Matthew who was born in 1986. We have always spoken about you and the sad choice I had to make at a very unstable time in my life. they too would love to hear from your family. I wish you nothing but true happiness! Tammy
Looking for female born April 1965--
Looking for sister, born in Waukegan and adopted privately, possibly through Dr Rebain (possibly spelled wrong) I believe the child was adopted locally and remained in the area.
Do you have a birthdate or hospital the baby was born at?
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