Hello everyone. we started the foster care process in nov 2010 and our last step is our home inspection. It all went by so fast and I am thinking because the need is so high here. Anyway our home inspection is this wed morning and I am really nerous. I hoping to get any advice or words of wisedom .Anything I really need to make sure that I have done, or not to miss.
Thank you!
For our home inspection the big things were baby proofing. Knives & medicines need to be locked up (some agencies require a double lock). No chemicals where kids can get to them. Fire Extinguisher & fire escape ladders (and we have to have the kids practice using the escape ladders 1x/ 1 out of every 4 fire drills). We needed to have the actual beds/cribs/car seats already on hand (they didn't have to be set up, but you had to show them that you have them and are actually ready to go).
All my LW did was look to see if I had a carbon monoxide detector and a working smoke detector. I fretted over nothing. I mean I spent hours making sure everything we perfect and she was there for less than fifteen minutes. Good luck and let us know how it goes:)
Same here... I cleaned for 2 weeks, painted the breezeway.. made sure everything was perfect. She just wanted to make sure the house was safe and sound for kids. Relax... easier said then done I know. Good luck!
I asked for the checklist in advance and was able to go through it myself ahead of time. Then when I was inspected she sort of cherry picked from the checklist and asked about anything that wasn't apparent just by looking around. I gave a tour of the house and just pointed everything from the list out as I went, so she didn't even have to ask to see much of anything. And it is all about safety, they aren't worried about the stuff you are worried about :)
Do you have the checklist? If so, you know if you've completed everything. They really don't expect anyone to be perfect. And different people have different quirks.
Do you have pictures of friend's children or nieces/nephews, that sort of thing around? Give impression you're experienced with kids, or at least value them enough to keep their pics around. Any kid art work on the frig? (Call friend with child maybe...)
Going quickly? Amazing. In my area 8-9 months to license after completion of everything is normal. Sigh.
Like many others here, I stressed & cleaned like you wouldn't believe. Although it was really nice to end up w/an extremely clean & organized house, it wasn't needed for the inspection. Here, our meds & knives don't need to be locked up, just out of reach. She opened each of our cabinets & took a quick glance (she actually missed the one w/the 1st aid kit & meds & had to go back because we were chatting). Cleaners are up & out of the way. Chemicals are in the garage w/the lock reversed (I didn't realize it, but motor oil is also considered a chemical). If you have them in an attached garage & don't want to reverse the lock, you can just put them in a locked cabinet. If you own a gun, make sure the gun is locked (unloaded) separately from the ammo. Those were the main things she looked for. The inspection itself only took about 10mins, but she was here for nearly 3 hours because we were chatting. It was so much easier than I'd thought it would be!
We're still waiting for our home study. Thats the more in-depth which includes interviews with everyone in the house. Surprisingly, I'm not that worried about that one.
Like many others we cleaned and scrubbed ect.. When the fire inspector and health inspector did their visit's it was really easy. We had our check list from our classes and I had already made sure everything was done on the list so they were in and out in less than 10 min.
We have to just have chemicals and knives out of reach not locked. No locks on bedrooms or closets.
The SW came and did a walk through and asked some bedroom prep questions took some measurements and that was it.
Sooooo easy I worked up over nothing.
Thank you everyone for your words of advice. We had our home insp. this morning and we passed! I stressed and over cleaned! The insp. was easy and we passed everything. We are on the waiting list!
I am in florida and I have done this before but I am redoing it all in a new county.
what they look for here is a themometer in the fridge, current vaccines on pets, no loose wires in the house, running water, beds, lights (they only checked in the bathroom) all meds and cleaning supplies in a locked box, a certain type of fire extinguisher and it has to be inspected every year, water temp can't be more than 110 degrees, if you have well water, a sample has to be sent out to test it. and general cleanliness. My house is FAR from spotless.
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