I need some serious help here - DH will only agree to one more adoption if we can do it for under 15k, total. We are open to gender, prefer a baby of AA heritage, open to some drug use and mental illness in bfamily, and are willing to travel to most states, if they allow us to finalize there. We're in MI.
Thanks for any help!
I am interested in the same situation (not the one adoption part,) but limited funds (after our GUA adoption of over 5 years failed, and our experience in India....)
I am biracial, my kids are biracial... Same sex couple, specifically seeking to adopt a biracial (of any background,) or minority (I hate the way that sounds, non-Caucasian,) program, that has an average total under 18k?
We are NOT ok with alcohol abuse, but some substance abuse is not a limiting factor for us.
Send you a pm
Hi will you send me "PM" as well? We are AA lesbian couple looking to adopt our first child. We live in Arizona and if needing to travel we will. If we can stay below 10K if possible that would be even better.
We are looking for AA child as well. We are NOT open to any physical disabilities or mental issues.
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