Affordable AA adoption??
My husband and I are new to the world of adoption. We have two biological kids and would like to welcome in a new member. My husband has always wanted to adopt, and after two difficult pregnancies, we are ready to take a different route to parenthood. We have decided to adopt an African American baby for many reasons. Unfortunately, money is tight.

How much did it cost to adopt your sweet AA baby?? And what agency did you love?? ( pm me, please Smile

Thanks for the help!!
My partner and I adopted our son (who is half African American and half Caucasian) from foster care several months ago. He was about 5 months old when he was placed with us. In my experience, if your willing to be patient and flexible, foster care is a great choice and the cost of very minimal (we paid around 2K). The only downside to foster care is that most of the children are a bit older (8 years old and up) unless your open to a child with some legal risk. With a legal risk situation, the children are place in your home for several months but the birthparent has the opportunity to be reunited with their child if the state allows it. However, once the parental rights of the birth parent has been terminated, you can proceed to adopt the child legally.

We used the state DSS office for our process. Every state has one and they do nearly everything for free.

They didn't reimburse you for the out of pocket fees? We got everything we spent back. Just remember you get to claim the entire adoption credit for adopting from foster care even though you may have spent nothing. You also get a $2000 tax credit every year until the child turns 18 in the state of Georgia.
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Oh yeah... we were reimbursed for our fees. I forgot to add that... I made sure we received every last cent for this adoption. lol
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Are their any children in the DCFS who parents rights have already been terminated? I don't want to be in a situation where i have to go back and forth to court and risk losing a child i have bonded with, i rather avoid that scenario completely.
ubringmejoy said...
Are their any children in the DCFS who parents rights have already been terminated? I don't want to be in a situation where i have to go back and forth to court and risk losing a child i have bonded with, i rather avoid that scenario completely.

Yes, you can adopt children from foster care without fostering them. However, most of the children that have their rights already terminated by the courts tend to be a bit older. In our state, most of the children are 9 years old and up. There are a few children that are younger but they tend to be apart of large sibling groups or have more involved special needs.
If you want a baby without fostering, I would recommend you consider traditional domestic infant adoption.
We have the same question as the original poster - we are looking to do DIA rather than foster and would really appreciate any advice via PM.
Most states do not like to create legal orphans so in most cases they will not terminate rights until after an adoptive family has been identified. So keep in the back of your mind those situations you run across where they rights have already been terminated. The situations the kids were in were probably pretty bad. It really helps to keep an open mind about legal status... the state can give you a legal risk assessment for that child. It will state the chances of termination or reunification. You can ask for low legal risk or find a child whose TPR is pending the identification of an adoptive family.
Could anyone who had an affordable agency private message me with the name/approximate amount? We're hoping to adopt an AA infant or toddler. We're getting licensed for foster care but are in a small rural county and were basically told it could be years before we get a placement from foster care so are researching domestic infant adoption now too.
@mamabearjohnson No info on private adoption but you could search for a legally free child on adoptuskids while you are also a foster parent. There are state listings and national listings on that site to look at. You can also reasearch to see of other sites in your state. You will need to complete an adoption home study eventually or some (out of state) require one before placement. The kids on these sites can be older or special needs but there can also be younger, healthy children. You might know some of this info, or all, but it's how we found one of our loves! Good luck!!!!
Looking for an affordable method for a domestic infant adoption
Good afternoon, My husband and are new to adoption. We already had two biological children and we are trying to find an affordable way to adopt an AA infant or toddler to complete our family. We are located in the Los Angeles area (South bay) Can anyone offer advice and/or recommend an affordable agency? Any advice would be much appreciated.
I too am looking for a low cost adoption option. In the past I have gotten the response that if you can't afford it then you shouldn't adopt! I am sorry but I think instead of paying $20-$40k that money could be better used for my adopted child's college fund, child care options, down payment on a larger house, etc... So having said that, I would love to know if anyone have info about lower cost adoptions. I am not really looking for a baby, but my heart says age 2-4 is perfect for me. Any help?
Foster care is the cheapest--- the state pays the bills, but you are expected to care for whomever they send to you. The state may take weeks-months trying to assess if the real parents should get the child back. If they decide to terminate their rights--- you could adopt and the state will stop their childcare payments (but MAY continue some Medicaid or counseling support)... Such kids are often 2-12 years old and may have some neglect or abuse history...

Google "Private Adoption" $10-20K (but could be cheaper...) You get your OWN "Home Study" completed. You advertise (e.g. [url=]Hopeful Adoptive Parents, Couples, Families Hoping to Adopt, Parent Profiles, Adoption, Unplanned Pregnancy[/url]) and find your won birthmother. You pay for advertising, your adoption lawyer, her adoption lawyer and social worker support for her (+/- any state approved/mandated reimbursements to her for non-covered medical and other expenses)...

Here is an Intro Article
[url=]Independent Adoption | Adoption Information from Adoptive Families Magazine: Domestic, International, Foster and Embryo Adoption Resources[/url]
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