As a 49 year old adoptee from Texas, I've searched for my birth mother on and off for the last 15 years without much success. My kids gave me the DNA test as a birthday gift. It sat on my desk for nearly three months because I had low expectations of learning anything new about myself. Curiosity got the best of me and I finally sent back the saliva sample.
Within 24 hours of receiving my results I discovered my birth mother. The test actually connected me with two first cousins and my half sister. It took a bit of research to extrapolate a common grandparent then identifying my mom who was one of thirteen siblings. My extended family is beyond anything I could have imagined. Frankly I never thought I would know the answer to who my birth family is...
I've since spoken with her on the phone and was told she never stopped thinking or worrying or praying for me. I'm not much for product endorsements, but this really worked out well for me.
Wow!! What an amazing story. I'm so glad it helped you, I've heard lots of good things about the DNA test. Thanks for sharing!!