How do you find balance between your kids?It seems like things are often determined based on my two yr old. It doesn't seem fair to the seven year old. What ways do you keep your family balanced?
Some phases are like this, you just can't keep things balanced all the time. My parents had six children, and it was simply not possible to ever have things so that each and every one of us got an equal say or equal attention or equal anything really. But things do balance out over time. Sometimes I needed more help and attention than my siblings, and sometimes I had to sacrifice a little bit of that for a sibling with different needs. Looking back I'm not bitter or resentful about this because it did work itself out. I appreciated that my parents would always check in with each of us at the end of the day and make sure we knew we were loved. Your 7-year-old is naturally more independent and less demanding of you than your 2-year-old, and that's okay. Things have to be determined by the toddler sometimes. As long as the 7 year old is sure of your love, things will be okay. Soon enough his needs and wants will be the priority again.
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Thanks for the encouraging words. Some days it feels like EVERYTHING revolves around the toddler. I very much want to enjoy him while he is little and not have him grow up too fast. I also wish he was a little older so I could spend more time focusing on the rest of the family. It's nice to hear that eventually it will work itself out. Sometimes it's hard not to hyper-focus on what is happening currently.