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The Never Ending Story

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Go on with your life
Leave the past behind
You do not need to know
These things you’re asking for

Sir, how can you say that
When it’s my life
We’re talking about
It truly isn’t fair

You hold my life
So tightly in your hands
Yet keep it locked away
In those files that read SEALED

How can I live my life
When I know nothing of it
You say I can’t have it
Unless, of course, I’m dying

You say it is the law
It’s legal and it’s just
I say discrimination
And yes, it is the law

The never ending story
Of never ending lies
I want to know the answers
So I can live my life

The never ending story
Has nothing to do with you
It’s my life, my history
I want to have, to live

To finally have
A place to start
To learn and carry on
Knowing where I’m bound

And one more point to make
To finally have one thing
That’s purely just for me


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