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They say I am obsessing
Carrying it too far
By wanting to know my past
Admitting it left a scar
Move on with your life
They whisper in my ear
Leave it in the past
You can’t make up the years
You have a family
Why bother with them
You belong with us
Not with her or him
I’m Not looking to replace
Or switch families
Just needing some answers
To solve my life’s mysteries
Does no one understand
The struggle I must face
Solving a puzzle
With pieces misplaced
Some have been burnt
Their clues left in ash
While others are buried
Accessible only with cash
Weighed down by laws
Set up to protect
While politicians play games
With a noose around my neck
I know I am not alone
For thousands also seek
Adoptees shut off from their past
No paddles to forge the creek
We will not stop our search
Submit or retreat
Until the puzzle of our lives
Is one day complete

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