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Artrell from Texas



from Texas

Artrell is a sweet and charismatic youth who is looking to meet his forever family. He has a natural leadership quality about him and a very outgoing personality. Artrell loves attention and the company of others. He is funny and talkative. Artrell enjoys his English, reading, and agriculture class at school. He enjoys going places, hunting, watching movies, and sports. Artrell is active and enjoys playing football, basketball, and fishing. At times, Artrell can have some difficulty expressing his emotions, though he builds strong bonds with those he loves. He wants a family who will commit to him and stick with him. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Artrell will benefit from a structured and nurturing home environment which can provide him with stability and love. He enjoys being around, and receiving affection from, those he cares about; so it's important his family provides him with the love and attention he so longs for. A committed family with an active lifestyle, who enjoys being involved in activities outside the home and within the community, will be ideal. Artrell needs guidance on how to use his leadership abilities in the most positive ways. He is successful when given supportive direction and encouragement from his caregivers. Artrell will excel with a family who can be committed and understanding of his past, as well as supportive of him into the future. It is important for Artrell to have a family who can commit to him wholly. He would like a family who will give him the opportunity to pursue his passions.

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