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Desmond from Texas



from Texas

Desmond, who prefers to be called Moses, is an energetic and active boy. His energy is unmatched when it comes to things that he is interested in. He enjoys being outside in the sun or rain, this is his element and hopes that he can have a familiy who shares this love of the outdoors. Moses also has a deep love for his siblings and although they have been through a lot, he doesn't think he could imagine not being anywhere without them. He also loves to play video games, build with Legos, and collect Pokemon cards. He is a typical teenager who enjoys spending time with his friends. He especially enjoys spending time with his siblings, Sammarra and Jaeden, as family is very important to him. Desmond also considers himself a Christian and spends a lot of time at church. He is looking forward to getting a job and learning how to drive soon. Desmond is a very sweet and caring boy who just wants to be loved by his forever family.

Sammarra, Desmond, and Jaeden are a special sibling group. Sammarra and Desmond are twins, but Sammarra loves that she is the oldest twin. Sammarra, Desmond, and Jaeden are a lot of fun when they are together. They are each full of energy in their own way, but when they are all together it instantly increases. They each love spending time with one another and they are very protective of one another. They are all very close. Sammarra is very mother-like with her siblings and she enjoys watching out for them. Desmond has an energetic energy, especially when he is around his little brother, Jaeden. Jaeden is very active and enjoys outdoor activities. These siblings share a lot of love for one another and are a joy to be around.

Desmond's forever family will be accepting of his free-spirit. He would also benefit from a two parent family. His family will be able to teach him life skills. He desires a strong father figure who can answer his questions. He would also want a mom who can give hugs for no reason and a shoulder to lie on just because. Desmond will do best with a two-parent family, specifically with a mother and father. He will do best in a family where he and his siblings are the only children in the home. He will also love a family who has pets and who like to stay active and do many fun activities. His family will be understanding and supportive. His forever family will support him, encourage him, and makes him feel loved in every way.

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