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Desmond from Texas



from Texas

Desmond is a fun loving and enjoyable kid, adults and peers speak highly of him! He has done rather well in his placements, despite his past experiences. He is a very kind kid. Some of His interests include playing with Legos, cars, and transformers. He really enjoys playing with his two other siblings, especially video games and riding bikes! He just likes to have fun and make others laugh. In his down time, he likes to eat Chinese, Fuzzy's delicious Mexican food or Chili's. Desmond and his siblings are very bonded and have a great love for each other. They are very supportive in helping each other be successful and are looking for their forever family to help accomplish their dreams.

Desmond, Sammarra, and Jaeden all share the same passion when it comes to making other people laugh! They all love to have fun and be goofy if it puts a smile on other people's faces. The siblings are very bonded and express their love for each other often. They enjoy playing video games together and riding their bikes. Sammarra is very caring and nurturing, while Desmond and Jaeden are the adventurous type. The siblings are very excited to embark on a new journey with their forever family. They are very passionate about church and hope to find a family who will share that same passion! Church is also very important to all of them. They are ready to be loved on and ready to make their forever family happy by making them laugh with their never-ending fun!

Desmond is ready to meet his forever family and wants to share that new experience with his sister and brother. He would do well with a traditional family or a 2 female parent family. He would do best in a home with just her other two siblings, but other kids in the home could be considered. He doesn't have any significant behavior problems to date. It may take a while for him to open up, but once he does, he is very loving and attached. He will need a family that will help support the help he receives for his past traumas. His forever family will provide some structure and rules but, not anything extreme or rigid. He does best when he knows what the expectations are. He would like a family who enjoys Church as much as he does!

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