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Javion from Texas



from Texas

Javion is a friendly child, but can be shy when first meeting new people. Once he warms up, he can be very talkative. He loves arts and crafts and doing science projects. Javion loves playing video games and going outside. He enjoys playing NBA2K on the PlayStation, riding his bike outside, and playing football. Javion lacks focus at times. Javion is working to improve how he copes with emotions and trusting others. The utilization of his coping skills is encouraged. Javion enjoys school and enjoys reading and math. Javion is extremely bright. At times, he will get of task at school when bored, though his behavior is generally good. He will benefit from a structured home. Javion is very helpful. He completes his chores in a timely manner without being told to do so and likes to keep his room neat. Javion will pick up after himself. At times, Javion needs behavior redirection. He responds best to loss of privileges, sitting out on fun activities, or being sent to his room. He is very respectful to other adults and responds with a "yes ma'am and no ma'am" when asked questions. Javion will be placed in an adoptive home with his brothers, Jaden and Julien.

Jaden, Javion, and Julien have a generally positive sibling relationship. The brothers have a close relationship and have never been apart from each other. The boys may bicker with one another when disagreeing over things, though they generally get along very well. The brothers share some similarities, but each have very distinct personalities. They all love to play video games together, and each have their own favorite game. Jaden and Javion like to play NBA 2k, while Julien likes to play surfing games. They love to do activities together and play outside. Jaden is the leader of the sibling group and his younger brothers look up to him. As a group, the brothers are not very talkative. Jaden is outgoing, responsible, and generally happy. Javion is outgoing, creative, and talkative. Julien is shy, quite, and mischievous.

Javion will benefit from a family that is nurturing, loving, and patient. It will be ideal for the family be structured as Javion can get off task at times. Javion will benefit from a family who is attentive to his needs. Javion will benefit from being in a one or two parent home who has a strong support system. It is important his family takes an active role in his life and engages in extracurricular activities.

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