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La'zaria from Texas



from Texas

La'Zaria is an energetic, smart, and determined child. She is talkative and has an out-going personality. She is very animated and has a flare for the dramatics. She would love to be in theater one day! She also loves being the center of attention and craves one-on-one time. La'Zaria can be a very sweet and affectionate youth. She enjoys spending time outside jumping on the trampoline, going to the park, swimming, and riding a bike. La'Zaria is smart and does best with experienced teachers. She enjoys being around other children and being social. La'Zaria loves getting her hair done, her nails painted, and can't wait until she is old enough to wear "cool" makeup. She truly makes life more fun and would be an amazing additional to a loving family.

La'Zaria's forever family will provide her with unconditional love, clear boundaries, consistent structure, and appropriate discipline. Her ideal family will be active in family activities, and spend time engaged in outings and events outside the home. Her family will provide her with plenty of structure, love, and guidance. La'Zaria enjoys a variety of activities and needs opportunities to find her interests and what she most enjoys. La'Zaria will do well with older siblings who can act as role models and will demonstrate appropriate behaviors. La'Zaria is loving and her family will be patient, loving, and committed. She is very excited to meet her forever family! She hopes that her family will also enjoy traveling and take her to new places.

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