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Ruben from Texas



from Texas

Ruben is compassionate and very kind. He likes to take walks and enjoy the outdoors. He enjoys going to church and was recently baptized. He loves a family setting. He is not afraid to express who he is and is comfortable with change. He loves makeup and has hopes and dreams of attending cosmetology school. Ruben loves to draw, listen to his music art, and shopping. He enjoys having a conversation and discussing all kinds of topics. Ruben wants to feel loved and feel support from those around him. He does well in school and would like to join extra-curricular activities. He has a close group of friends and enjoys communicating with them. Ruben tries to look for the positivity in all things. He tries to stay positive and motivated for his future.

Ruben would be okay with a single or two parent home. Ruben would do well in a home that is heterosexual or same sex. Ruben will do well if there were other children or pets in the home. Ruben's forever family will allow him to express himself, listen, and support his dreams. His family will provide structure and patience.

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