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Cody from Virginia



from Virginia

Cody is an active young boy who loves to play. Cody enjoys playing outside, with some of his favorite activities being Nerf, riding his bike, or walks around the neighborhood. Cody enjoys playing with his various toys and is not one to sit and watch an entire movie or TV show. Cody’s fun loving active spirit keeps him busy outdoors as much as he can. Cody is very good at board and card games and loves to play them. You will definitely need to keep up with his competitive nature as Cody is a natural winner at whatever game he plays. Cody will tell you his most prized possession are his water shoes as he wears them whenever he can get around water. Cody is a very fun youngster to be around and is sure to consistently bring a smile to your face. Cody has a loving heart and has a fantastic sense of humor that will keep you laughing and enrich your life forever.
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