April 7, 2017 · by
Do you understand the legality surrounding your adoption? What rights do birth moms have before and after placement? Take this quiz to test your knowledge!
1. Before TPR is signed, birth moms make all medical decisions for the baby
2. Can a birth mother change her mind and choose to parent instead of placing?
3. Birth Mothers have legal right to visitation
4. If a birth parent regrets their decision, they can regain custody of the child provided the adoption has not been finalized.
5. Who is the legal guardian of the child at birth?
6. A child can be placed for adoption without the consent of the biological father, as long as the birth mother terminates her rights.
A lot of people don't realize how coercive it can feel for an expectant mother making an adoption plan to be referred to as a "birth mother" before placement. "Expectant mother making an adoption plan" is certainly a mouthful, but it's something more adoption agencies and adoptive parents need to re...
Only missed one! I've always been a little unsure of what birth father rights are...