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The Goodbye Kiss

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So many years before, I never thought of this,
That we would meet again, and that wasn’t our good-bye

I stared so many times, at faces on the beach,
hoping that a glimpse of you, wouldn’t be out of

Sometimes at night I would look up, at the stars so
and wonder if I could think of you, and did I have the

They told me that I would move along, that this was
what is best
And for a time I believed this true, and I would pass
their test.

So life went on, and there I was, living life so
But things were never right with me,
there was always something wrong.

There was this hole deep down inside, I never let me
And then one day the hole opened up, and then it felt
so real.

Nothing would prepare me, there was nothing to
the hole was big, the pain was harsh, and the grief
was hard to bear.

When I searched and found you, I thought the pain
would go,
But here it was much deeper, than anyone would know.

You had the life they told me, and the one I knew you
The one that I didn’t give to you, although I knew I

So here I am once again, the hole is so very deep,
Although it hurts and its harsh, I know the pain I’ll

Now when I look up at the night, and see the stars
I’ll never have to worry if I’m allowed to feel your

And when I’m sitting and staring, at faces on the
I know I can think of you, and you’re never out of

There are others in our lives, whose love we hold so
Having them to guide us, releases so much fear.

Now, when I think about the past, I’ll always think of
Next time I say Good-bye, its not our final kiss.

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