God's Grace Adoption Ministry

Established in 1998, God's Grace Adoption Ministry is a non-profit 501(c)3 adoption grant organization that specifically targets two-parent Christian households, providing financial assistance in the form of matching grants.

According to the organization's website,, "GGAM believes that the most important benefit of adoption to orphaned children is to be raised in an atmosphere that cultivates and encourages their personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

Grant Information

The primary method of assistance GGAM offers comes in the form of matching grants, or grants wherein the adoptive parents are responsible for raising half the grant money, which will then be matched by GGAM. These grants can be applied for at any time during an adoption. The amount of money dispensed is usually about $2,500 to match the equivalent $2,500 that the adoptive parents would raise, making the total assistance given about $5,000.

Applying for a matching grant from GGAM requires an application fee of $20.

Once approved, the grant money is sent directly to the adoptive family once the adoptive child has been placed in their home.

Grant qualifications

GGAM's matching grant qualifications are mostly religiously based, with a couple of exceptions. These qualifications are as follows:

  1. A Christian family environment
  2. A two-parent family; the reasons for this are stated to be preferential, based on GGAM's viewpoint
  3. Annual household income; GGAM considers families with an annual income of $60,000 or less as eligible for a grant

GGAM's grant approval process features multiple factors both secular and religious. According to, they are:

  • Prayer, or leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Husband and wife spiritual information
  • The financial need of the adoptive family
  • The need of the child
  • References

GGAM provides assistance to most kinds of adoptions, both international and domestic. The only exception is for relative adoptions, which they do not provide assistance for.

May, July, September, and November are the months in which applications are reviewed and approved or denied.

Contact Information

Mailing: PO Box 4 Modesto, CA 95353

Phone: 209.572.4539



(Updated: Jan. 2017)